Seafood packaging

At Nordic by BEWI, we specialize in packaging for all types of seafood.
We have what you need, from frozen fish blocks to ready-made portion packs and transport packaging.


We have been in the business for almost 50 years and have acquired a unique position and knowledge of the market and the products.


Our employees have a good knowledge and a burning interest in the industry and the products.

Satisfied customers

Good knowledge of the end products to be packaged is the key to satisfied customers. By having a close dialogue with the customer, we know the market’s needs at all times and are able to turn around and deliver quickly. We can often be seen onboard fishing boats and on clipfish- or land facilities.


We have large and safe stocks of all types of packaging for seafood. If the needs should change, Nordic by BEWI must be able to serve customers quickly. The largest warehouses along the coast are located in Båtsfjord, Tromsø, Ålesund, and Måløy.

We want to be close to the customer

both geographically and personally


Nordic by BEWI works with the UN's sustainability goals

At BEWI, we have ambitious goals for our sustainability work, and our ten-year strategy covers the entire value chain until 2030. This strategy sets out a direction that will inspire and lead our choices and decisions. We are motivated and pleased to see the commitment from customers and connections in the work of achieving the sustainability goals.

The UN’s sustainability goals are our common framework for achieving our goals for 2030.

The goals described below are considered to be the most significant for BEWI, where we can have the greatest impact.

We are the employer of 1,400 people in many communities in six countries and take a responsibility for promoting sustainability and economic growth through full and productive employment, as well as inclusive and decent work for all. This means ensuring safety, well-being, and development for all our colleagues. In the supply chain, we take effective measures to protect human rights.
At BEWI, we have ambitious goals for increased sustainable production and consumption. In our production, we work actively to reduce consumption and increase the use of non-fossil energy sources. Through our circular business model, we also ensure that the materials we deliver to the market are collected and reused as raw materials. BEWI works to reduce its own environmental impact and to increase the ecological footprint of customers through the design of products for reuse and recycling to encourage them to more sustainable consumption.
Climate measures are still the most important environmental challenge for BEWI. We aim to reduce our own emissions in line with the Paris Agreement through a combination of energy efficiency and transition to non-fossil fuels, an improved transport transition to non-fossil transport, as well as by increasing the use of recycled and non-fossil raw materials.
At BEWI, we believe that a diverse community of businesses, governments, and academics together can increase the capacity and ability to accelerate collective action to improve social needs and global ecological conditions. One of BEWI's strategic areas for sustainability is to actively participate in partnerships where we collaborate with governments, voluntary organizations, academia, industry associations, and stakeholders.

GRØNT PUNKT NORGE (Green Dot Norway)

Norway is a pioneering country for recycling used packaging. As a member of Grønt Punkt Norge (Green Dot Norway), Nordic by BEWI takes responsibility for our packaging through return systems approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency.


Nordic by BEWI is a wholly owned company of BEWI ASA.

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