Carton for salted fish

Cartons of high quality for packing salted fish and salted fish fillets

The cartons for packing salted fish and salted fish fillets are produced in solid cardboard and are delivered with high-quality print. The solid cardboard is laminated, which means that it can be produced with the exact properties required by each individual market. The salted fish can be placed directly into the bottom of the carton, which is approved for direct contact with food. The print we deliver is laminated with external PE, which provides a wonderful, beautiful, and glossy surface while achieving unique protection of both the print and the lid.

The long sides of the carton’s bottom are double, as well as the lid’s short sides, which make it very strong in terms of stackability.

In addition, the carton is PE-coated on both sides both on the lid and bottom, which provides unique protection against brine and moisture.